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Doctor Prescribed Wrong Medication

If you have gone to visit your doctor and you were prescribed the wrong medication, which ended up doing you harm or causing illness to yourself you might be entitled to a claim against your doctor for malpractice. When attempting to prove such a claim against your doctor for negligence it is never easy which is why you should call the Pharmacy & Medical Malpractice Lawyers at National Choice Lawyers. Our Lawyers are very experienced in this area of practice and have defended patients in many cases against their doctors and their pharmacist.

If your doctor is in fact guilty of negligence we will have to take the proper steps to prove this when evaluating your case and everything that happened leading up to you receiving the wrong the prescription. It will be necessary to prove the medication you were given is not a standard or frequently prescribed medication based on the diagnosis from the doctor. We will also need to show any and all harm that came to you because of the wrong prescription you were taking for however long before it was noticed by yourself or the doctor that the medication you were prescribed was not the right medication.

In most of these situations the Pharmacist and Medical Malpractice Lawyers at National Choice Lawyers will call on experts in the medical field to review your visit to the doctor’s office and see what should have been prescribed to you versus what was actually prescribed to you on the day of your doctor’s visit. These experts will have done the proper research to determine what should have been prescribed to you and more importantly discover why what was prescribed to you by the doctor shouldn’t have been in the first place. This is how our lawyers and experts will be able to determine the medication you received was the wrong medication.

These same experts will use their knowledge and research to determine at what point your doctor made the error due to some specific oversight. After these facts have been determined the final step will be for our lawyers and experts to determine the harm done to you by taking the wrong medication. Our lawyers will look into whether or not your health got worse or if new symptoms or illnesses were brought on by the wrong medication. Either way, it is important for you to get in touch with our law firm right away, so we can evaluate your potential case against your doctor.

There are many ways in which a patient can experience harm by their doctor prescribing the wrong medication. Some of these examples would be:

  • If a patient was given a prescription with an ingredient they are allergic to
  • If a patient was given a prescription that should not be taken with another medication they are currently taking.
  • If the patient is given wrong instructions by their doctor on how to take their medication prescribed
  • If the patient is prescribed the wrong dosage for the medication they are prescribed
  • If the patient is prescribed a medication which doesn’t work against their illness

These are just some examples of how someone can be hurt by a doctor prescribing the wrong medication. If you have experienced this or another situation similar with your doctor please call our law firm right away and have your case evaluated by one of our National Choice Lawyers focused on Medical and Pharmacist Malpractice today.